10 Benefits of a Superior Vocabulary

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Creative Writing Prompts to Make Kids Want to Write

Creative Writing Prompts to Make Kids Want to Write

Try any one of these prompts either as an individual or group exercise. You might even make copies of all the prompts and make the writing an outside assignment. Feel free to use these prompts in any way you like. You may click here for a list of journal prompts as well.

Do you have plenty of friends? How many friends are plenty?
Tell about a vacation or day trip you have taken.

Creative Writing Prompts Images

There are so many books of writing prompts available for sale already that we couldn’t bear to just write another list, so we have approached this prompt list in a new way. We have images and we ask you to write about them. We don’t expect a bunch of independent thinkers to goose-step to our ideas, so just write what you want to write and know that we know how you are and we would expect no less than a daily mutiny or two.

Deadly Good Descriptive Writing Guide

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