How to do Persuasive Writing

Two more pitfalls, far more serious than a faulty premise or two, are fallacious argument and propaganda, both deadly poison to the successful persuasion. Currently, there is so much propaganda and fallacious argument in our popular culture. It would seem that it is the only kind of argument is the dirty, nasty, ill-mannered kind.

Essential Knowledge Elements for English Composition

If you can master this brief list of the essential knowledge elements of English composition.  It is trickier than it may look. This list was developed by Dr. Oliver D. Hensley and I some years past.  I was interested in its application as an education aid for...
Report Writing and Reference Books

Report Writing and Reference Books

In report writing, even more than in other types of writing, writers need to own and use good reference books.  There are any number of reasons why, but the main reason is that report writing isn’t poetry, so the writing isn’t naturally beautiful or sibilant.  Report...