Creative Writing Prompts to Make Kids Want to Write

Try any one of these prompts either as an individual or group exercise. You might even make copies of all the prompts and make the writing an outside assignment. Feel free to use these prompts in any way you like. You may click here for a list of journal prompts as well.

Do you have plenty of friends? How many friends are plenty?
Tell about a vacation or day trip you have taken.

Journal Prompts as Liquid Plumber for Your Soul

Keeping a Journal by Dunbar Green We suggest writers journal like a chivvy, never letting an opportunity to write something down pass by. At a minimum, spend 15 minutes three times a week writing journal entries. Journal entries should be entered on different days. This type of journal writing involves personal interpretation, reflection, evaluation, summarizing,…

Essential Knowledge Elements for English Composition

If you can master this brief list of the essential knowledge elements of English composition.  It is trickier than it may look. This list was developed by Dr. Oliver D. Hensley and I some years past.  I was interested in its application as an education aid for college-level composition courses, while Hensley was interested in…