Creative Writing Prompts Images

Creative Writing Prompts Based on Images

by Karlane Kraner and Jeanne Green

Greetings Writers:

There are so many books of writing prompts available for sale already that we couldn’t bear to just write another list, so we have approached this prompt list in a new way. We have images and we ask you to write about them. We don’t expect a bunch of independent thinkers to goose-step to our ideas, so just write what you want to write and know that we know how you are and we would expect no less than a daily mutiny or two. Remember that this is for fun and creativity enhancement, so try to enjoy yourself. If these prompts don’t suit you, we have other such lists posted on this website. Click here for more choices.


Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of Writing, or Scribe of the Gods. Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of Writing, or Scribe of the Gods.

  1. This stone carving is a representation of the Egyptian Goddess Seshat, goddess of writing, or “scribe of the Gods.” Note she holds a stylus in her hand. Given her privileged status, what issues troubled Seshat? What did she think about lying in bed before sleep? 



2. Choose any or all of the characters represented above and write an epic tale. You make want to name the asses after your in-laws, although we would never do so. If you don’t want to write an epic tale, not even for your children, nieces and nephews, or even just some lonely kids in the neighborhood, then draw your own poster of characters. Send us a copy if you do.


3. There is an old woman about to walk to the end of this dock. What is she doing?


4. Do you know this guy riding the pencil’s end? What does he do in your life? If you had to, how would you, or one of your characters, kill him?

reader rosie

5. There is a guy next door who has this image hanging in front of his dart board in his living room. Why does it hang there?


6. This is an ancient cave painting representing the Ghost Dance. What else is going on in this painting? Why was it painted? Who visits it everyday?


7. We like to call this painting, “always blame a woman,” and we want you to explain in a short story or novella who this woman is and what she is being blamed for. Just forget about who she is really supposed to be (yes, we know). The man in the reddish breeches has framed her for something, and we would like to know what.


8. Is this pornography? Why is the monk behind Big Nuts holding him by the waist? Ignoring the unfortunate caption, what was really going on in this image? 


9. There was this man who was too lucky. He went to the pub every evening and he told endless stories about how he was too lucky. What were some of the stories, and why did his luck never make him happy?


10. How is this kitty rise to the rank of Cat General? He holds a secret, too. What is it?


11. What are these men talking about? Do they come to this diner often? Why?


12. How does this painting make you feel? What is the world like where clocks melt? What was the painter trying to communicate?


13. Why does no grass grow in this yard?

childscream homerscream thescream2

Bonus Prompt: Who is unhappier and why?

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As always, thanks for reading. images (5)


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