Writing Contests and How to Win Them

The secret to winning such contests is first to write something simply smashing and new. If you manage that very lofty order, then the only other thing you need to do is research your options about which contests best fit what you have written.

How to do Persuasive Writing

Two more pitfalls, far more serious than a faulty premise or two, are fallacious argument and propaganda, both deadly poison to the successful persuasion. Currently, there is so much propaganda and fallacious argument in our popular culture. It would seem that it is the only kind of argument is the dirty, nasty, ill-mannered kind.

Narrative Writing Guide

Narrative Writing By Gwyn E. d’Pouh Green Are you in the mood to kill your brother-in-law but he is a big, mean, SOB and you aren’t sure you can? Are short on bond money? Can’t run very fast anymore? Then narrative writing might be just what you need. Why not write a narrative about killing…